Saint Francis Cultural Society

“The fine art exhibition of the new members of the Ferenc Vigyázó Cultural Society in Budapest will open on Saturday, October 27, at 6 pm in the Sándor Karancsi Exhibition Hall in the Figura Studio Theater . The opening speech will be given by Deputy Mayor Tivadar Fohsz.

The exhibition is held in Gyergyószentmiklós and Budapest Capital XVII. district will be implemented within the framework of twinning relations between Rákosmente and can be viewed until November 30.

Budapest XVII. The Ferenc Vigyázó Cultural Society was founded in the autumn of 1989. The main goal of the membership consisting of artists and art lovers is to improve the quality of life of the people living in Rákosmente by culture, the main events of which are the exhibitions organized by the Society. Due to its open, inclusive nature, the association has been waiting and waiting for value-creating civilians and artists who want to do something for the community and culture during its almost 3 decades of existence.

The audience of Gheorgheni can see the works of 10 artists who recently joined the Ferenc Vigyázó Cultural Society. The exhibition, which is formally and content-wise, features traditional, naturalistic depictions along with neo-avant-garde or digital and photographic endeavors. The diversity of paintings, graphics, photos, textile works promises a lasting visual experience for those interested.


Kelemen Dénes Lehel painter, Bea Krusovszky painter, Barbara Lichner painter, Endre Lisányi graphic artist, Zoltán Makovinyi photographer, Ágnes Viktória Méry costume designer, felt maker, graphic artist Nikári Páljános Guest exhibitors: artistic members of the VFMT management, tapestry artist Zsuzsa Ferenczi and ceramic artist Károly Orosz.”