Kayak-canoe: became a painting from the paddle of the Olympic champion

Anyone who had previously thought he knew what a kayak or canoe paddle was for could have been thoroughly surprised at the Hilton Hotel on Monday afternoon. Based on the five-ring Hungarian series of successes of the last decades, we assumed that the work tools of the representatives of the sport are exclusively an essential accessory for the large-scale production of Olympic gold medals – we now know that they are the basic material of special works of art.

Tamás Wichmann, Zsófia Vári and Botond Storcz, and the paddles

The latest piece of Tamás Kárpáti’s collection called Hungarikon was presented at the press conference of the Hungarian Kayak Canoe Association. The dreamer of the unique collection created a special world in Hungarian contemporary art with his idea, as a result of which simple objects of famous people are transformed into works of art by famous artists.

This time, the audience could admire the “rethought” shovel of the three-time Olympic champion Storcz Botond, and the painter Zsófia Vári made a work of art entitled “That’s the water is the master” from the kayak of the former kayak pool.

“The opportunity to give the collection an item that is dear to my heart made me feel good, and I really like the end result,” said Storcz Botond.examining the paddle with its new appearance, which is typically dominated by azure color. “The choice of color is perfect, the work reminds me of a cheerful vortex.”

The head coach of the sports team betrayed at the show, the paddle used in the training pool used to be reminiscent of winter workouts, with greyness, cold and confinement, now everything has changed.

“So far, the shovel has been closed, I put it from one place to another, but by becoming a piece of the collection, it has become really valuable. Now it’s like a painting that needs to be shown, ”Storcz added.

There were previously two kayak-canoe paddles in the series of relics of the Hungarikon collection (both could be viewed at the press conference); A painter breathed life into Katalin Kovács and a sculptor into the oar of Tamás Wichmann.

The line of works of art made from the objects of the classics of the sport will soon be expanded with another piece, at the event Etele Baráth, the president of the association, handed over the footrest of the five-time Olympic champion Danuta Kozák to Tamás Kárpáti for re-creation

Source: https://www.nemzetisport.hu/kajak_kenu/kajak-kenu-festmeny-lett-az-olimpiai-bajnok-lapatjabol-2531605