Paint; Clean gallery with Billy Zane

Dating in a mini gallery with Billy Zane’s favorite Hungarian painter

A cozy exhibition opens in a mini gallery on Várfok Street. Zsófia Vári’s exhibition Párkeresés is special in several respects. It shows how to create an inimitable atmosphere with well-placed images in a relatively small space. The painter has been preparing for this exhibition for several weeks, Paint; Clean Gallery has given space not only to the pictures, but also to the artist who has painted in the gallery in recent days. Zsófi’s pictures are suggestive and never static, they always have something to say, they require active reception, which is why the gallery is an excellent place. Zsófi, who has worked a lot abroad, is also the favorite Hungarian painter of the actor Billy Zane, a producer who likes to take a brush in his free time. He was there by the opening to see the show too.

I portray and tell stories with colors, emptiness, gestures. Mixing ink, pastel, acrylic, charcoal and everything else back and forth.
Anna Juhász talks to the painter and her friends at the event, and the music is provided by Ádám Finding.

Painter Zsófia Vári studied in Budapest, Paris and Milan. In Paris, she painted mostly portraits, as she says, “portraits were born of those around me, diary-like notes of moments spent together, I do not express my feelings in verse, but in colors and lines.” Here she wrote his dissertation for the Italian department of Eötvös Loránd University on four contemporary painters in Paris.

She graduated in painting from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, was the winner of the Vogliamovivere Theater Festival’s competition for painters, but also painted a wall as an exciting task in San Sperate, Sardinia.

The gallery

On April 7, the contemporary art gallery of Attila Csáky and Martin Szecsanov, Fest , Tisztít Gallery, was opened at 8 Várfok Street.

The development of the small gallery began a year ago, but the idea was long ago formulated in the minds of visually sensitive friends working in the film industry.

“On this lovely historic street, not a bank branch, a parts store, or a party office was established, but a modest little Gallery. looking for a laundry, you may unexpectedly come across an exhibition where you will be greeted by an artistic experience and a warm atmosphere of friendship. . “