Brody Studios

Yesterday was the closing event of the exhibition of the painter Zsófia Vári in the VI. district Brody Studios. The vivid paintings of the exhibition entitled ‘ Selected’ , the poems of László G. István and the individual atmosphere of the exhibition at home created an atmosphere as if they had evidently been together in their world lives.

Apart from the capital, the works of the painter, who also studies in Milan and Paris, are not only unique in their execution. This is because paintings and drawings made with colorful, individual, spotted lines are invariably connected to personal experiences. In addition to the visual representation of these, the painter chose a poem by László G. István from another field of art, poetry, for each of the images in the exhibition. For the past month, during the exhibition, this unique and personal experience has been experienced by anyone who has visited the Vörösmarty Street building after prior registration.

On the closing evening of the exhibition, after the speech of Ditta Tóth (esthete), the audience could see the exhibition together with the poems read by Viktor Marosi (journalist) and the thoughts of the painter.

The mental state of the bodies depicted in the works arranged around love and issues of existence was expressed at that moment by the emotions of László G. István formed into poems. A man gave voice to a woman’s visually displayed emotions. For at those depths and heights there is no male and female way of thinking. In a landscape where one “wants to live according to the law of the sea” , “looks at himself but not in a mirror” , where “his soul is a dark power, he drives him towards his mate” to “bite his soul into it” and “love each other, no trace of their destiny” is no longer gender matters. The “Begyűrheted my life borrowed under your clothes.” for his experience belongs to the soul.

The concordance of two people of different genders, yet rendered ineffective by their pure emotions, in this case is their well-found means of self-expression: the certainty gained by the two branches of art. But the discreet, immoral intimacy depicted in both the pictures and the poems can also be experienced on an individual level. It is not only through literary works that we can hear ourselves into another person. In a world of similar thinking, in a state of sincere love, and in the form of selfless friendship, we can know ourselves in the other.

Those who could not see Zsófia Vári’s exhibition ‘Selected’ will be able to see her works at the nightclub called Kisüzem at the end of September.